5. What you need to know about BOOT_ADMIN

BOOT_ADMIN is an early console where you can execute some precise commands. Here, you should find everything you need. On all HP systems using PA-RISC processor, you will find BOOT_ADMIN, the display can be different but the idea remains. That's why the list is not complete but enough. Another major point is for every command, you have a shorter way to invocate them. You can see the shortcut because it is shown by the uppercase letters. I will put the full name for these sections.

5.1. The main commands

These commands are the basic ones.

5.2. The configuration commands

These commands are available in the configuration menu. So, in order to use them, you must enter this menu with configuration command.

5.3. The information commands

Here, you will have access to all the informations about your system. Go into the menu is done by asking for information.

5.4. The service commands

It is PA-RISC guru skill menu. You will find nothing really interesting for an end-user. That's why you will find nothing. If you think I should really put something, please mail me.