Chapter 4. Administering Bugzilla

Table of Contents
4.1. Post-Installation Checklist
4.2. User Administration
4.2.1. Creating the Default User
4.2.2. Managing Other Users Logging In Creating new users Disabling Users Modifying Users
4.3. Product, Component, Milestone, and Version Administration
4.3.1. Products
4.3.2. Components
4.3.3. Versions
4.3.4. Milestones
4.3.5. Voting
4.3.6. Groups and Group Security
4.4. Bugzilla Security
Or, I just got this cool thing installed. Now what the heck do I do with it?

So you followed "Bugzilla Installation" to the letter, and logged into Bugzilla for the very first time with your super-duper god account. You sit, contentedly staring at the Bugzilla Query Screen, the worst of the whole mad business of installing this terrific program behind you. It seems, though, you have nothing yet to query! Your first act of business should be to setup the operating parameters for Bugzilla so you can get busy getting data into your bug tracker.