15.3. Configuring the Kernel for IPXand NCPFS

Configuring the kernel for IPX and the NCP filesystem is simply a matter of selecting the appropriate kernel options at kernel build time. As with many other parts of the kernel, IPX and NCPFS kernel components can be built into the kernel, or compiled as modules and loaded using the insmod command when you need them.

The following options must be selected if you want to have Linux support and route the IPX protocol:

General setup  --->
    [*] Networking support

Networking options  --->
    <*> The IPX protocol

Network device support  --->
    [*] Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit)
        ... and appropriate Ethernet device drivers
If you want Linux to support the NCP filesystem so it can mount remote NetWare volumes, you must additionally select these options:
Filesystems  --->
    [*] /proc filesystem support
    <*> NCP filesystem support (to mount NetWare volumes)
When you've compiled and installed your new kernel, you're ready to run IPX.