Chapter 15. IPX and the NCP Filesystem

Table of Contents
15.1. Xerox, Novell, and History
15.2. IPX and Linux
15.2.1. Caldera Support
15.2.2. More on NDS Support
15.3. Configuring the Kernel for IPXand NCPFS
15.4. Configuring IPX Interfaces
15.4.1. Network Devices Supporting IPX
15.4.2. IPX Interface Configuration Tools
15.4.3. The ipx_configure Command
15.4.4. The ipx_interface Command
15.5. Configuring an IPX Router
15.5.1. Static IPX Routing Using the ipx_route Command
15.5.2. Internal IPX Networks and Routing
15.6. Mounting a Remote NetWare Volume
15.6.1. A Simple ncpmount Example
15.6.2. The ncpmount Command in Detail
15.6.3. Hiding Your NetWare Login Password
15.6.4. A More Complex ncpmount Example
15.7. Exploring Some of the Other IPX Tools
15.7.1. Server List
15.7.2. Send Messages to NetWare Users
15.7.3. Browsing and Manipulating Bindery Data
15.8. Printing to a NetWare Print Queue
15.8.1. Using nprint with the Line Printer Daemon
15.8.2. Managing Print Queues
15.9. NetWare Server Emulation

Long before Microsoft learned about networking, and even before the Internet was known outside academic circles, corporate environments shared files and printers using file and print servers based on the Novell NetWare operating system and associated protocols.[1] Many of these corporate users still have legacy networks using these protocols and want to integrate this support with their new TCP/IP support.

Linux supports not only the TCP/IP protocols, but also the suite of protocols used by the Novell Corporation's NetWare operating system. These protocols are distant cousins of TCP/IP, and while they perform similar sorts of functions, they differ in a number of ways and are unfortunately incompatible.

Linux has both free and commercial software offerings to provide support for integration with the Novell products.

We'll provide a brief description of the protocols themselves in this chapter, but we focus on how to configure and use free software to allow Linux to interoperate with Novell products.



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