Chapter 4. Configuring the Serial Hardware

Table of Contents
4.1. Communications Software for Modem Links
4.2. Introduction to Serial Devices
4.3. Accessing Serial Devices
4.4. Serial Hardware
4.5. Using the Configuration Utilities
4.5.1. The setserial Command
4.5.2. The stty Command
4.6. Serial Devices and the login: Prompt

The Internet is growing at an incredible rate. Much of this growth is attributed to Internet users who can't afford high-speed permanent network connections and who use protocols such as SLIP, PPP, or UUCP to dial in to a network provider to retrieve their daily dose of email and news.

This chapter is intended to help all people who rely on modems to maintain their link to the outside world. We won't cover the mechanics of how to configure your modem (the manual that came with it will tell you more about it than we can), but we will cover most of the Linux-specific aspects of managing devices that use serial ports. Topics include serial communications software, creating the serial device files, serial hardware, and configuring serial devices using the setserial and stty commands. Many other related topics are covered in the Serial HOWTO by David Lawyer.[1]



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