9. Institutionalize CVS in the Organization

Here we will look at the best practices for institutionalizing CVS usage in the organization.

9.1. Implement Change Management Process

All organizations must implement a good Change management process (CMP). A good CMP will define how changes are received and recorded, tracked, executed and delivered. CVS provides version control for your project. Change management addresses the "bigger picture" of how enhancements and bugs are received, tracked and closed. CVS will play a smaller but a very important part in this entire picture. With a formal change management process in place in the organization, tools such as CVS will be looked at as aiding this process instead of acting as a general development overhead.

Change management is quite a vast topic that cannot be done justice here. Please look up some websites on change management.

9.2. Make CVS Usage part of Objectives

To institutionalize CVS, it can be made as part of the annual objectives for the developer to use it as part of his or her project. In addition, it can also be made as part of the objective for the project manager to deploy CVS in his or her project.

Compliance of this can then be reviewed as part of the appraisal cycle for the employee.

9.3. Collect metrics on CVS usage

CVS usage metrics can be collected in terms of percentage of deployment in the organization, project size handled etc., This information will spur other line managers and program managers to look at CVS as a tool that will aid them in their daily operations.