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Re: Priorities (was: working SGML package)

Mark Komarinski wrote:


> > >>If Docbook SGML is the best way to build Linux documentation
> > >>(which there seems to be a consensus on, and I'm not about to
> > >>quibble) then I'd say maintaining and improving the tools is a
> > >>high priority item.
> > I think the if there is a consensus, it's to remain with Linuxdoc until
> > there is a clear path shown for transition to Docbook.
> I thought there was one - conversion:
> --Quoting Howard Mann 11/5/99--
> 1.SGML tools ( V2 ) has a script for conversion of Linuxdoc documents to
> DocBook.
> Examples of the conversion process are here:
> http://www.sgmltools.org/HOWTO/
> --End Quote--

Actually the conversion was done with SGML tools, version  1.1.17. I
have not seen the result of conversion with a script asociated with
version 2.x.

Cees de Groot states on that page :

"Later versions may have improvements and/or changes, so you are urged
to download and convert your own documents. "

> If we already have a conversion tool from LinuxDoc -> DocBook, why
> aren't we using it and getting with the rest of the world?
> For those that don't want to put the full V2 on, I can understand that.
> I'll gladly volunteer spare cycles of my home box to churn on
> some of this stuff.  It's a RH 5.2 box, so if V2 runs on it, I'll
> install it and try a few sample conversions (starting with the HOWTO
> Anyone running V2 on a 5.2 box can please e-mail me with RPMs needed
> and any compilation tips (IIRC, V2 doesn't compile on a RH 6.0 box).
> Maybe this is the reason nobody's using V2??.

RPM packages are available via www.tuxfinder.com or here:

http://doc.nllgg.nl/software/   ( includes a src.rpm to rebuild on your
system )

Python 1.5 is required.

( I would not mind seeing a conversion of my HOWTO  :-) )



Howard Mann
Online Troubleshooting Resources:HOWTO

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