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Local LDPs


The following local LDPs have registered :

fr, es, it, de, sl, kr, id, jp, hr, sb, gk, pt, br, au

We will provide them :
- link on www.linuxdoc.org first page, with a little flag above (even
 if a language can be used by many countries, we will only add the most
 known flag ; however "local" is not restricted to language (for exemple
 au is australia), it can be a mirror with some value added like book
 available in this country...)
- www.XX.linuxdoc.org domain
- ldp-local-XX@lists.linuxdoc.org alias

To set all this, please fill up the following :

 Local LDP :
 - site :
 - mailing list :
 - leader email :

For exemple :

 Local LDP : pt (portuguese)
 - site : http://www.poli.org
 - mailing list : I-don-t-know@poli.org
 - leader : Alfredo Palace <ajpc@poli.org>

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