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Re: Should we split mini HOWTOs?

On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 03:48:33PM +0100, P Jenner wrote:
> > Some weeks ago, we had long discussions about mini HOWTOs, we came to
> > the conclusion they should be considered as plain HOWTOs.
>    I agree.  The distinction is pretty weak when it comes to finding
> information as an LDP user.  It only really seems to serve to confuse in
> my experience.

Here's a list of mini HOWTOs I think we should move to "plain HOWTO"
status, since they adress general topics.













I'd like to suggest some merges :

- ADSL.sgml
- Cable-Modem.sgml
- DHCP.sgml

[add to Sound HOWTO]
- Alsa-sound.sgml

[add to WWW HOWTO]
- Apache+SSL+PHP+fp.sgml
- Public-Web-Browser.sgml

[add IPCHAINS HOWTO to Firewall HOWTO and call it "Firewall and Bridge
- Bridge+Firewall.sgml
- Bridge.sgml
- Firewall-Piercing.sgml
- IP-Masquerade.sgml
- IP-Subnetworking.sgml
- Term-Firewall.sgml

[add to Bash-Prompt-HOWTO.sgml and call it "Shell HOWTO"]
- Path.sgml
- Colour-ls.sgml
- Visual-Bell.sgml

[Diskless HOWTO]
- Diskless.sgml
- Loopback-Root-FS.sgml
- NFS-Root.sgml
- Netrom-Node.sgml

[Undeletion and Backup HOWTO]
- Ext2fs-Undeletion.sgml
- ADSM-Backup.sgml
- Backup-With-MSDOS.sgml

[Multiple OS HOWTO]
- Large-Disk.sgml
- Multiboot-with-LILO.sgml
- LILO.sgml
- Partition.sgml
- Linux+DOS+Win95+OS2.sgml
- Linux+FreeBSD.sgml
- Linux+NT-Loader.sgml
- Loadlin+Win95.sgml
- Remote-Boot.sgml

- Software-RAID.sgml
- DPT-Hardware-RAID.sgml

[Updating and Upgrading HOWTO]
- Update.sgml
- Upgrade.sgml

[Office HOWTO]
- WordPerfect.sgml
- StarOffice.sgml

[add to X HOWTO]
- X-Big-Cursor.sgml
- XFree86-XInside.sgml
- LBX.sgml
- NCD-X-Terminal.sgml
- Remote-X-Apps.sgml

- Install-From-ZIP.sgml
- ZIP-Drive.sgml
- ZIP-Install.sgml

Of course, this is just a suggestion and the list is far from complete.
I'm opened to any commments.

> > These "Step By Step Guides" could be submitted like standard HOWTOs,
> > they would just go in a different directory, and be carefully indexed to
> > ease searching in a "knowledge base"
>    Also a good idea in the eyes of someone who has used such
> resources.  A "knowledge base" as opposed to a hierarchy of documents is a
> more felxible and usable approach.

Merging many current mini HOWTOs to some HOWTOs would make both
"knowledge base" and "howto hierarchy" approch possible.

>    Again I agree.  Vendor dependence should definitely be avoided but
> if people are having problems setting up sendmail under RH6 and someone
> has written a useful and open explanation, why should users of the LDP be
> denied it?  As you say, an open licence also allows easy modification for
> other vendors anyway.

I've read other messages where I got a bad feedback for "Step by Step
guides" therefore I suggest we stick to "Mini HOWTOs" name.

However, we should accept any kind of document which could be handy for
a specific need (like RH6 and sendmail example) as long as it is

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