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Re: translation issue for web site

as we've been talking about metadata for documents referenced in the LDP,
we too have come across the language issue. the problem in this discussion
is that several countries have several languages. whilst one might expect
say english at www.uk, you might also expect to find documents in welsh
there too. the ids are one way to show a local site with, perhaps, special
needs of people in that location, and, again perhaps, better connectivity
(more reliable and faster) access for folks close by. 

but frankly as Paul (the other Paul) has begun to show, this plan is
flawed all the way round (but better than nothing at all). still better to
have something like mirrorwatch to show you which sites are virtually
close to solve the connectivity question, say, or to have document-related
metadata to tell you if a document is in a specific language and, via
another tag, whether the document has localized information. so that you
could find a french language document dealing with north african issues
perhaps on a not very busy but only a few hops away canadian mirror.

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