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Re: translation issue for web site

        Following comments made on this discussion:

        1) The idea of having www.XX.linuxdoc.org as the translation and
www.XX.linuxdoc.org/YY/ as the mirror actually amounts to the same thing
as the opposite in terms of where translations are on servers.  Thus
nothing is lost in having www.XX.linuxdoc.org as the mirror and YY as the
translation.  People reading the Russian translation on the Russian mirror
would still go to http://www.ru.linuxdoc.org/ru/.  There are a number of
good reasons for having XX as the mirror though.

        First it is possibly there may be mirrors which do not provide
translations. www.uk.linuxdoc.org is the obvious example but they exist
for all languages which are the first language for multiple ISO countries.

        Second people, especially Linux people, are used to using
www.XX.example.org as a mirroring system, particularly in the case of the
Linux kernel.  People like what they are used to.

        2) There is a lot of discussion about whether mirroring LDP
translations would take up too much space.

        First if www.XX.linuxdoc.org/YY/ takes up too much space then it
could be redirected at www.ZZ.linuxdoc.org/YY/ where ZZ is the nearest
mirror for the YY translation.  This may be security issue but it is a
common WWW practice and those mirrors who do not like this system could
always put a staic page at www.XX.linuxdoc.org/YY/index.html which points
the user to the mirror via a link.

        Second it seems unlikely that if only HTML versions of
translations are included on mirrors (after all that is all that is useful
via the WWW) that would take up too much space.  Maybe some evaluation of
the space that would mean should be made?

        Third (and I do believe this is positive) those who volunteer to
officially mirror the LDP for that entire country should try to ensure
they have space on their server for the mirror.  If this is not the case
then they could invite others to do so. In most cases other servers would
exist in the country that have space and are willing to do the mirroring.  
By analogy there are a number of places Linux kernel source is mirrored in
each country and those mirrors vary in content.  However the official
ftp.XX.kernel.org mirror must carry all kernel content.  Imagine the case
in which a country mirror decided not to carry the development kernel for



        Paul S Jenner
        GNU/Linux Advocate

        E-mail: psj@mustec.eu.org
        WWW:    http://www.mustec.eu.org/~psj/


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