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Re: If you are interested

most excellent.

i just wrote to greg ferg to say that we have four search engines on
metalab which you may use. heck you could offer choices.

we index the whole thing with infoseek which has very very powerful
options and is very quick. you can easily set up a search limited to LDP
from only a html page. problem: not open source

we are also indexing the whole thing with htdig--which is what i assume
you are using. problem: nearly feature free

we used Isearch for linsearch, aka searching the LSMs and the linux
archives. openSource and very nice for even complex template-based
searching. problem: no stemming or other advanced features

excite does have a free engine which we have used. i'm not as happy with
it as i am with infoseek--that may just be personal taste. but problem:
not openSource

of course you can install others too

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