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Re: If you are interested

>>>>> "P" == Paul Jones <pjones@metalab.unc.edu> writes:

    P> but problem: not openSource

This may be a more difficult issue for the LDP than for other sites.
My personal view is the observation that where open source scratches
an itch, it will be superior software, but that it doesn't follow that
any open source program is better for a purpose than commercial software.

Maybe because I deal with commercial and non-profit clients who simply
want the job done, but my opinion is the open/close source issue is
totally irrevelant.  It is a happy co-incidence (not really) that in
most situations, open source is the better choice, but it is not a
guarantee of success.

If Infoseek is available, we should use it.   Excite is fine (clunky
to configure and gives many false positives) but there is not enough
difference between any of these search engines that we should burden
your filesystem with multiple indexes ;)

Is it possible for us to get the docs for configuring the Infoseek
indexer?  Ideally, we would want one index for each language choice,
where the search is

        1 - go down the entire tree for this language
        2 - then go down the entire tree for the next nearest language
        3 - the next language and so on ...

doing a depth first index such that common pages are found in the
selected language first, but rare pages in exotic languages are still
located no matter where we start.  Of course, if there is a more
elegant solution to that situation, I am all in favour of it ;)

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