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Re: linuxdoc search & languages

>>>>> "P" == P Jenner <psj@mustec.eu.org> writes:

    P> True enough.  I thought you were to recommend an English only
    P> search but this is a good idea.  It could do with an "all
    P> languages box" as well though as doc may exsit for something
    P> within one translation and not another.

This is the reason for the depth-first search:  If I search in French
for some technical term which never occurs in the French pages, the
search index can be set with a language order that is unique for each
language (French speakers may understand enough Italian to make it their
second choice, but Taiwanese speakers are very likely to want English
as their second choice)

The Thunderstone Webinator is very good at this (www.thunderstone.com)
and is free for non-commercial uses (I think).  It can also be maintained
via a web interface.

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