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Re: Translations (to English?)

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Guylhem Aznar wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 12, 1999 at 11:21:09PM -0500, Tim wrote:
> > I can't recall any right now, but know in the past I would have very much
> > liked it if I could have read other documents (FAQs/HOWTOs, etc.) had they
> > been in English.
> Interesting idea, I think each local LDP has at least 1 unique HOWTO
> (for ex., french LDP has a MODEM-HOWTO since 96, it is better than
> LDP MODEM-HOWTO which was written very recently)

        Should the translation effort not already be directed toward
having all LDP docs in all languages?  If not this should be a goal in my
view.  Transparent language use of the LDP is a must for a global
information source and no particular language (eg US English) should be
placed above another except for contingent reasons.

        This also ties in with the notion we were discussing of separating
LDP docs on web sites in language specific root directories (eg /fr/). It
should be noted that en is a language which should be treated the same as
any other and my feeling is that HOWTOs in US English should reside on LDP
web sites under the /en/ root directory.  A good use of such language
independence in a web site is the Linux Mandrake distribution site
(http://www.linux-mandrake.com/) which is worth a look.



        Paul S Jenner
        GNU/Linux Advocate

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