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Re: Translations (to English?)

On Sun, Sep 12, 1999 at 11:21:09PM -0500, Tim wrote:
> I can't recall any right now, but know in the past I would have very much
> liked it if I could have read other documents (FAQs/HOWTOs, etc.) had they
> been in English.

Interesting idea, I think each local LDP has at least 1 unique HOWTO
(for ex., french LDP has a MODEM-HOWTO since 96, it is better than
LDP MODEM-HOWTO which was written very recently)

> Has anyone ever thought of the translation of other languages to English?

We should ask this to local LDP leader, subscribed to this ml.

1. Do you have a HOWTO worth translating to english (which lacks to
the LDP or is better than the english version)
2. Could your local LDP do this ?

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