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SGML help needed

I'm trying to format my new version of Serial-Programmind-HOWTO and
can't seem to generate conventional formats.

For instance:

   int cfsetispeed( struct termios *termios_p, speed_t speed );

should be in bold indented with '*termios_p' and 'speed' in bold

   int cfsetispeed( struct termios <it/*termios_p/, speed_t <it/speed/ );
   int cfsetospeed( struct termios <it/*termios_p/, speed_t <it/speed/ );

should be indented on consecutive lines.  <verb> doesn't allow the
italics nor does <code>.  These should be indented and on separate
consecutive lines.  <itemize> and <list> put a blank line between them 
and add bullets or numerals.

    struct termios my_termios;
    struct termios new_termios;

    tcgetattr( fd, &amp;my_termios );
    my_termios.c_flag &= <&tilde>CBAUD;
    my_termios.c_flag |= B19200;
    tcsetattr( fd, TCSANOW, &amp;my_termios );
    tcgetattr( fd, &amp;new_termios );
    if ( memcmp( my_termios, new_termios,
         sizeof( my_termios )) != 0 ) {
        [ do some error handling ]
    } </TT>

should be in typewriter font with indentation and without the dumb
lines of hyphens generated by <code>.  The <verb> enviornment doesn't
allow typewriter font.

I would like to make a three column table with headers in bold or
italics and not gratuitous blank lines as are generated by 'itemize'. 

    command   optional_action     Meaning

    TCSETSW     TCSADRAIN         Change after all output has drained.
    TCSETSF     TCSAFLUSH         Change after all output has drained
                                  then discard any input characters
                                  not read.

For some reason, the TCSETSW and TCSETSF get through okay but the
headers, 'command' etc, get moved to the left margin.

I get an error message:

<standard input>:154: warning: can't find font `C'

The only line which contains a solo 'C' is:

"It was once stated that the popularity of UNIX and C was that they"

Now, how do I avoid the error message?
Does it cause any adverse side effects?

The sgml2txt compiler complains that it can't find 'hyphen.en'.  Where 
can I get this dats base and where does 'sgml' expect to find it?


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