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Re: LDP bug-tracker

> The problem with NOT contacting the author directly is that changing the 
> document without the authors permission is often copyright infringement. 
> Although most documents allow modification it is not modification of the 
> existing document. This means that we would end up with the MODEM-
> HOWTO and the MODEM-HOWTO.Bugfix1999.
> This would be a nightmare.
One of the point we (at least myself) was that if they get no response
from the author(s) in question and errors continue, where are they to
turn?  I was *never* looking for readers to completely bypass the author
or maintainer of a document, and don't believe that I ever stated this.

Having folks openly and/or behind the scenes go and edit documents and
submit them again with .Bugfix1999 was never something I considered.  I
was merely speaking of an alternative channel.

Perhaps a post ldp-discuss would be sufficient if direct contact to the
author fails.  It seems there is no problem blasting me when someone feels
that I've neglected them. ;)  But if no one knows this, it will never

On a more serious note, the issue I still question is what is supposed to
happen if docs continue to go un-corrected?

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