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Author tenure (was RE: LDP bug-tracker)

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> From: Tim []
> Sent: Sunday, 19 September 1999 1:06
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> Subject: Re: LDP bug-tracker
> On a more serious note, the issue I still question is what is supposed to
> happen if docs continue to go un-corrected?
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> Tim

The HOWTO goes into the unmaintained slot when an author/maintainer is
unresponsive, dies, resigns, etc..  The HOWTO coordinator looks for a new

The original author gets credit (through their listing as the original
author(s)). The current author field is blank.

Those complaining about the content or the fact there is no 'current author'
/ maintainer get offered the job :-).  Volunteers get sent to consider the
unmaintained list.  HOWTOs on the unmaintained list get discarded when they
become irrelevant.


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