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Re: LDP bug-tracker

>> What may be needed is someone that a reader can contact if he get's no
>> response from the author/maintainer within a resonable amount of time.
>> Thus I don't think we should be looking into any bug-tracking system.
>> There are much more important things to do.

I think the real value of a bug tracking system such as that that the
Debian project uses is that reported bugs are visible to all.

It sometimes takes an author a period of time to release a new version
of a document, or ammend a section. The bug tracking system would help
reduce the number of repeated bug reports that authors of popular
documents sometimes receive.

Additionally, it can help fill the gap for others who have found the
problem if the "fix" is included in the bug report, others can make use
of that before it makes it into the actual document itself.

These advantages are not available in any scheme that doesn't make
reported bugs/suggestions etc visible publicly.


terry@albert.animats.net, terry@linux.org.au

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