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Future goals for LDP, my wish list.

I will try to keep this shot an precise.

I think that LDP would benefit from a open directory like structure.

With editors joining and starting a document.(easy joining)

The document should be base on a templet (easy start)
depending on what the document is for: tutorial, reference, etc.
(maybe XML)

All the editing of a document should be possible online.
(easy editing)
(No need for software downloads, If you got a browser)

The reader should be able to attach comments 
on the document, slashdot style.(easy feedback)

All documents should contain meta data,
for easy generations of indexes.

All documents should have proper chosen meta tag 
keywords for keywords filtering (EX: http://www.aeiwi.com)  

All documents be under one license 
so it can be distributed an used as a whole.
The web site might be created 
with apache + postgresql + php.
Aeiwi is a search tool with a unique interface.
Which let users add more search terms, 
until they have a small number of results.

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