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Re: Updating Internic info for www.linuxdoc.org

cogNiTioN <cognition@bigfoot.com> writes:

> On 20 Sep 1999, Jim Pick wrote:
> > Authorization
> > 0a. (N)ew (M)odify (D)elete.........: M Name Registration
> > 0b. Auth Scheme.....................: MAIL-FROM
> Can I suggest that MAIL-FROM authentication is NOT used. I had (and still
> havn't got 'round to changing) MAIL-FROM on my domain, except the emil
> address I gave was my redirectional address, and thus doesn't allow me to
> send mail from it. This was a problem 'til I hacker around with sendmail
> and pine and got my box to think it was bigfoot.com, and now NSI accepts
> my emails. It would probably not be too impossible for someone else to
> forge the mail headers in this way and take over the domain.

Good idea.  I've got PGP/GPG keys already, so I might as well use 'em.
I'll try updating my contact record.  I should change the address
anyways, now that I've moved to Vancouver.

> BTW: I'm assuming that whoever is incharge of the domains has seen the
> security bulletins about the NSI freemail accounts?
> Details on my web page: http://www.cognite.net/security/
> Just thought I'd mention it.

Yeah.  I saw that on Slashdot.  NSI is one of my least favourite
companies.  :-)


 - Jim

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