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Re: [off topic] Re: Licensing issues

>>>>> "T" == Terry Dawson <terry@albert.animats.net> writes:

    T> There is a big difference between GPL->LGPL and Open
    T> Documents->Exclusive publishing deals. They're in completely
    T> different leagues. The GPL->LGPL was a move to greater freedom
    T> at the cost of exclusivity.

Not quite. It was a move to less freedom to accomodate exclusivity.
The LGPL was required to allow commercial vendors to use the
then-GPL'd libc in their own non-free projects.  It is less freedom
because the GPL was intended to make all derived works also bend to
the GPL (which is another case where the GPL will not work for LDP
docs) and had to give up this "freedom requirement" to accomodate
commercial acceptance.

    T> What is being proposed works in completely the opposite
    T> direction, it is a move to restrict the publishing of documents
    T> by introducing exclusivity.

But only the restriction on book-publishing, while opening up the free
distribution of all material for all other avenues.

Someone alluded to a publisher who is donating their stuff into the
LDP without restrictions.  I'm curious because the only publishers I
know who go anywhere near that are ORA and Coriolis, and the former
has not donated any complete documents (that I know of), and the
latter is only donating bare essentials, keeping the good stuff for
their 'annotations'.

I'm curious.  Which publisher is donating complete works?

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