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Re: Help compiling SGML

Josh  -

Just a quick comment on the latest site design.

Can you refrain from using fixed-size frames on the Linuxdoc pages?
Specifying the width of frames using percentages is much nicer. As it
stands now I have to grow my Netscape window to more than 800 pixels 
wide in order to see everything -- this goes against good Web design
taste and looks terrible on my laptop. It's best to err on the side of 
being VERY "user friendly" on the Linuxdoc pages -- remember that this 
is the first point of contact for many new Linux users.

And just to add my two cents on the licensing issue: It's probably best to
recommend a particular license for new authors, but not force people to
adhere to a single license. This only reduces the number of authors willing
to contribute.


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