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RE: dgpl status?

Hi guylhem,

Comments below...



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From: Guylhem Aznar []
Sent: Sunday, September 26, 1999 8:58 AM
To: Joseph Cheek
Subject: Re: dgpl status?

On Sat, Sep 25, 1999 at 03:55:53PM -0700, Joseph Cheek wrote:
> you sent me a copy of the dgpl a few weeks ago, thanks.  has that been
> approved/ratified yet?  do any submissions to the ldp need to be under

Sorry, it is not finished.
[joseph cheek] ok, no problem...

> that license?  it appears the new web site still shows old licensing
> information.

I'd prefer new submissions to be released under 'DGPL v1.0 or greater'
because it will keep documentation free while protecting your rights as
an author.

> think the relationship i would like to have between the linuxkb and the
> ldp would be a peer-to-peer relationship where we share content in both
> directions but are but considered subservient in either direction -- it
> appears to me that i can either use ldp stuff for free [beer and speech]
> or i can contribute as a member of ldp for free [beer and speech] but i
> cannot work alongside the ldp.  i would like to share my content with
> the ldp but not become a contributor whereby the linuxkb becomes a
> subset of the ldp.

You should discuss this on the list, you're not the first one to report
this ;
[joseph cheek] are any others interested in this type of arrangement between
themselves and the ldp?
however please consider you could get more readers (we would
sponsor it, link it...) while keeping *total* control.
[joseph cheek] ...by doing what?  By becoming an ldp author?  By becoming an
ldp peer?  By becoming an ldp leech?  Not quite sure what you mean here.
Please help me understand what you mean.

Sooner or later the mini HOWTOs will have to evoluate in a kind of
'LDP knowledge base',
[joseph cheek] fine...
and that could cause problems with your linuxkb.
[joseph cheek] only if we have not reached some type of arrangement by that
time. I'd actually love to have some type of content-sharing agreement with
the ldp, right now I'm just leeching your stuff but not really contributing
back [the only way it seems I can, now, is by becoming an author and
maintaining a howto or minihowto, as I understand it.
[joseph cheek]  I'd much rather 1] provide real-world feedback on the
content of your howto's based on feedback I get from the linuxkb, 2]
contribute changes [suggestions for improvement, rather, I don't want to
step on the author's toes] to the ldp - I can do this an an author-by-author
basis or work-by-work now, but it would be great to have some centralized
authority to at least submit these to, and 3] provide some of our original
content to the ldp [kbarticles, most likely].
[joseph cheek] in order for me to do this, all I need to start is a "yes, we
would like that too" from the ldp.  Then we could agree on terms, what
format you want the data in [sgmltools?], how to get it to you, etc.  I am
in the process of negotiating content deals with other linux-oriented web
sites, primarily back-end db sharing, but I expect they would love to give
you content in a manner that you could digest it also.  Perhaps I should
write a linuxkb.db->sgml.ldp converter, and then I wouldn't have to use
sgmltools... just a thought.
[joseph cheek] in return I would get the benefit of not having to reinvent
your content to fit my site, not having to maintain two different versions
of the same content so that I could contribute it as an ldp author, and
perhaps you would be able to use some of my content either verbatim or
included in the ldp.
[joseph cheek] I expect that there are others that would love to contribute
content to the ldp, they would be ecstatic to do so, but not as a
single-author/per-work basis.  I can't really speak for others, tho.  Thanks
for reading this far 8-).

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