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Re: General Positive Feedback re: revision of site (fwd)

On Mon, Sep 27, 1999 at 11:08:02AM -0700, Mr. Poet wrote:

> Personally I don't care what license you use, I just think that if you
> drop maintainership of a document that we (THE LDP) have the
> right to change the license. The copyright info stays, but the license
> itself can change.

Look, if I use a license that says you can't change the license then you
can't change the license. Full stop. The LDP can exlude the document if it
so chooses, but you can not do anything that the license does not allow you
to do. That is the whole point of licenses.

If the license can be arbitrarily changed (don't tell me it isn't an arbitrary
decision as to when a document is no long being actively maintained) then
there is absolutely no point having a license at all.

The LDP can change the license on any document it (as a legal entity) holds
copyright for.


terry@albert.animats.net, terry@linux.org.au

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