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Re: Reasons for wanting to remove my documents

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Morten Kjeldgaard wrote:

> I think you should give the new LDP team a chance to get organized, and
> see how things are going before you go to such drastic steps as pulling
> your document out of the LDP. By doing so, you are really only hurting the
> Linux community. Please don't!
> > delay and two of my updates disappeared. I have also learned that
> > metalab has offered to host a CVS server for LDP and had the server set
> > up but LDP leadership declined the offer, why I have no idea but that
> If this is correct, that is certainly a _very_ poor decision that needs to
> be reconsidered. Using CVS, authors could save time answering emails from
> people, and spend it fixing bugs and updating the documentation.

Unfortunately the impression I got was that the new LDP has a gotten the
focus of LDP completely wrong. Instead of focusing on the documentation
aspect of the project by providing the best documentation possible e.g.
making the life of the authors easier LDP chooses to concentrate on
completely superficial things such as the graphic layout of the web site.
The CVS we are told will be up in about three weeks while an existing CVS
site (metalab) is turned down. So I feel there is a pattern already 
showing and based on my previous experience I feel that there is a high
probability history will repeat itself.

I am not planning on abandoning my documents, they simply will not be
available through LDP. I think there are couple of promising new projects
that seem to be more in tune with their authors.


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