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Re: Reasons for wanting to remove my documents

> Unfortunately the impression I got was that the new LDP has a gotten the
> focus of LDP completely wrong. Instead of focusing on the documentation
> aspect of the project by providing the best documentation possible e.g.
> making the life of the authors easier LDP chooses to concentrate on
> completely superficial things such as the graphic layout of the web site.

I am afraid that this is entirely not true, please remember that just
because "I" say something, this does not reflect the entire team. It only
reflects what I am responsible for. I am responible for the Website, and
the website currently is the most visible part of the LDP. Therefore I can
see why that would be the impression. However I assure you that we are in
constant cotact about the other issues that have been raised about the

I don't know if this will help but these are the things that I am
currently working on.

In Progess:

Private Discussion:

        Area for authors only (online web based)
        This will include an area for suggestions/comments so that they
        archived and implemented if required.

Links page: 

        Changing the Links page so that it it separate pages instead
        of 1 big page.

Online Submit:

        The ability to automatically submit your SGML document write into
        the LDP archives for publishing. This is not a live submit, but it is
        better than it was.


FTP Access:

        I have offered FTP access to every author, but I am awaiting
        approval for this.

GUY:    I know he is working on CVS as is TIM

GREG:   Is working on helping with some of the website issues

Anyway I hope this helps a little bit.


> The CVS we are told will be up in about three weeks while an existing CVS
> site (metalab) is turned down. So I feel there is a pattern already 
> showing and based on my previous experience I feel that there is a high
> probability history will repeat itself.

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