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Re: Final Farewell??


> There's no doubt that the How-Tos haven't been maintained in an 
> acceptable manner during the last several months. Perhaps the problem is 
> now solved; I'm not sure yet.

I would disagree.  *I* would say that the past couple of months have seen
more than a minor improvement in the updating of docs.  There have
probably been more (meaning rapid) updates and new Documents in the past
couple of months than there have been in quite some time.  With the
excption of this past weekend (due to network problems) and the lack of an
update on Sunday it's been very close to at least an upload every
Wednesday and Sunday.

> I acknowledge that we're all volunteers. I think that a delay of
> several days in posting How-Tos is quite acceptable; even a week or two
> can be acceptable. If the delays remain longer than that, then I think
> it would be appropriate to find a new How-To coordinator. 

And the last comment is what I've asked for....honesty.

Even I would agree that 2 weeks is pressing the envelope.  Updates twice a
week is what my goal is and has been.

Joshua has been given access to my box and we've worked it out so that if
need be he *could* process docs in the event of my absence.

This was done quite some time ago.

As for the pervious post regarding where bickering should or should not
take place...well *I* still feel this is *not* the forum for it.  I don't
like to be on other lists when I see this sort of behavior take place and
generally remove myself from the list.  I've not asked anyone to mute
their comments nor will I.  There is a time and place for everything, but
it's all in how you handle it, no?

There is a distinction between warranted complaints, contructive criticism
and endless bickering and bantering.  This was my only point.

Best Regards,

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