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Re: Final Farewell??

Tim <tjbynum@wallybox.cei.net> wrote:

> I have talked to Guylhem (not at length) about making my final
> comments to ldp-discuss on all the uproar the past few days, so here I
> am. Unfortunately he misunderstood and thought I was wanting to step
> down. This was not my intent, but the thought has consumed me over
> the past 24+ hours and perhaps his misunderstanding is something I
> should actually consider at this point. 

There's no doubt that the How-Tos haven't been maintained in an 
acceptable manner during the last several months. Perhaps the problem is 
now solved; I'm not sure yet.

I acknowledge that we're all volunteers. I think that a delay of
several days in posting How-Tos is quite acceptable; even a week or two
can be acceptable. If the delays remain longer than that, then I think
it would be appropriate to find a new How-To coordinator. 

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