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Re: Final Farewell??

Rob Fenwick wrote:
> > Do authors not have any say in what
> > policies and procedures the "core team" implements?
> Personally, and this is just my own opinion, I would say absolutely
> not.
> Give the authors an LDP alias & a shell account as their 'reward',
> and then run the LDP without 800 people trying to tell you what to do
> would be my advice to the core team.
> Have the occasional referendum on big stuff, but otherwise, lead it
> from the top, not the users.

I have to agree with this, and is something I proposed 6-9 months ago.

Figure out the licensing, figure out the distribution methods, figure out
if you want to use LinuxDoc or DocBook, get it documented (see my HOWTO HOWTO)
and then tell everyone else what the decisions are.  If someone doesn't agree
with it, then it's their fault for not volunteering for the core team.

Just let us write documentation.  That *is* what we're here for, right?


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