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Re: Final Farewell??

On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Mark Komarinski wrote:

> Rob Fenwick wrote:
> > 
> > > Do authors not have any say in what
> > > policies and procedures the "core team" implements?
> > 
> > Personally, and this is just my own opinion, I would say absolutely
> > not.
> > 
> > Give the authors an LDP alias & a shell account as their 'reward',
> > and then run the LDP without 800 people trying to tell you what to do
> > would be my advice to the core team.
> > 
> > Have the occasional referendum on big stuff, but otherwise, lead it
> > from the top, not the users.
> I have to agree with this, and is something I proposed 6-9 months ago.

I happen to disagree to some extend at least (if not in whole ;-).

> Figure out the licensing, figure out the distribution methods, figure out
> if you want to use LinuxDoc or DocBook, get it documented (see my HOWTO HOWTO)
> and then tell everyone else what the decisions are.  If someone doesn't agree
> with it, then it's their fault for not volunteering for the core team.

Any idea how someone would get into the 'core team'? A lot of things are
not as simple as you present them here.

> Just let us write documentation.  That *is* what we're here for, right?

It is but denying authors the right to have their say in how this project
is operated would be not a wise thing.

And to be honest. Getting in touch with someone (like Tim) over documents
has been a real pain and I eventually gave up on trying to startup a
document. For now I'll just keep to Dutch documents as there is enough
work to do for Dutch authors.


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