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LDP License missing

There are about 17 HOWTOs that use the LDP License.  They do not include 
it in their HOWTOs but incorporate it by reference: 
In some cases people have used "sunsite" for "metalab" and also used 

Now the LDP License is not at these urls.  It has been removed and another 
license substituted for it which is named "LINUX DOCUMENTATION PROJECT 
COPYING LICENSE".  I have a copy of the LDP Licesse and it is much 
different than the "... copying license".  All the references in the 
HOWTOs state "LDP license" and not "copying license".  Thus a major 
mistake has been made and the correct license needs to be restored to the 
urls which are referenced by these HOWTOs.

                        David Lawyer

PS: The LDP license should perhaps also be at the url .../LICENSE.html
since this is stated in the latest version (2.0) which apparently no one
used as no HOWTOs reference this URL.  I only have a copy of version 2.0
but I think that an earlier version is the one that should be restored. 
Greg Hankins should have a copy of the version that mentioned 

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