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Re: LDP License missing

On Sep 30, 12:57am, David Lawyer wrote:
> Subject: LDP License missing
> There are about 17 HOWTOs that use the LDP License.  They do not include
> it in their HOWTOs but incorporate it by reference:
> http://metalab.unc.edu/LDP/COPYRIGHT.html
> In some cases people have used "sunsite" for "metalab" and also used
> Now the LDP License is not at these urls.  It has been removed and
> license substituted for it which is named "LINUX DOCUMENTATION PROJECT
> COPYING LICENSE".  I have a copy of the LDP Licesse and it is much
> different than the "... copying license".  All the references in the
> HOWTOs state "LDP license" and not "copying license".  Thus a major
> mistake has been made and the correct license needs to be restored to
> urls which are referenced by these HOWTOs.

We actually have two and only two documents related to the aforementioned:
the LDP (Copying) License and the LDP Manifesto.

For a while, we had different HTML files for LDP-COPYRIGHT.html,
COPYRIGHT.html and copyright.html. They all contained virtually
the same text (one was older than the rest). The diff's were minimal.
I collapsed this so that LDP-COPYRIGHT.html and COPYRIGHT.html now
point to copyright.html (symbolic link).

I also made LDP-Manifesto.html point to about.html, which is now the
("official") LDP Manifesto.

All URLs do function as expected (whether sunsite or metalab) is used.

If the *content* of the license is incorrect, that is another story
(which has been the discussion as of late). The "copying" license
is the only LDP-related license I found (and perhaps rightfully so?!!).

We need to make a decision on this licensing issue and move on. The
bickering has become counterproductive. David, I thought you were
doing a draft for us to review...is that still the intent?


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