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Re: LDP License (full text)

On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, David Lawyer wrote:

> I personally thought that earlier versions were better but I have no
> copy of them.  I couldn't find them on the Web.  They are likely in
> the archives.  So I'm presenting this for info purposes only and
> think it might be better to restore with an earlier version.  A
> problem I have with this license is the ambiguity of interpreting
> the meaning of the word "restrictive" which I don't think earlier
> versions had.

Which versions are you looking for?

I have a copy of "LDP-COPYRIGHT" dated 6 Jan 1997 and a copy of the
"LDP-Manifesto" dated 21 Dec 1993.  If you want me to look firther, I
may go back to some earlier versions.


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