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Re: LDP License (full text)

On Sep 30, 11:00pm, David Lawyer wrote:
> Subject: LDP License (full text)
> Here's my copy of v2.0.  But as far as I know no one references this
> version in any HOWTO (since the links in them are to COPYRIGHT.html
> and not to LICENSE.html). Someone did use v2.0 for a non-LDP document
> but  didn't provide a copy in the doc.  Why was this removed from our
> site?

Not sure. That was before my time(!). From what I have seen, we had:


Note that COPYRIGHT.html and LDP-COPYRIGHT.html are identical (in both
the old and new versions of the LDP). I have a version of this document
which has a last-modified date of 6 January 1997, written by Matt Welsh.

I also have an earlier version of the Manifesto, dated (last-modified)
21 September 1998, by Michael K. Johnson.

If you wish to see these, I can certainly make one or both available.

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