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Re: General Positive Feedback re: revision of site (fwd)

On Fri, Oct 01, 1999 at 11:51:26AM +1000, terry@albert.animats.net wrote:
> LDP authors, so I'm presuming you mean the majority of people that are
> subscribed to this list and could be bothered voting?


> I suggest a public poll. It too will be imperfect, but I think I'd be
> happier with the results of it, especially if it were conspicuous and
> advertised. Provide a form on the web site from which people can vote
> and advertise the poll in the usual Linux news media

Ok, I see no problem with that.

> (linuxtoday/technocrats.net/slashdot etc.). At least that way it would
> be reflective of community views since it's now impossible to assess
> what the views of the LDP authors are.

We are currently writing a short text for slashdot, we'll add your poll

> I suggest that you propose the wording of the question on this list

Of course.

> first though. It's easy to steer public poll responses with crafted
> questions.

I will not write in a partial way!!!!!!
Is it too hard to trust someone down here?

I'll present both advantages and disadvantages reported in the list,

> Yes, but I'm thinking of the people who were on the old ldp-l and
> didn't make it across to this list because it was deemed too hard to
> move them. I've no idea how many LDP authors are on this list, but I'd
> guess at less than 25% unless somebody has bothered to consider them.

We had problems with this closed list, and we should have moved to
ldp-discuss sooner.

> > This vote will last 2 weeks.
> > Is it long enough ?
> For me? sure. But I'm only one person.

If anyone think it's not enough, we'll discuss it here.

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