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Simple idea


I have a very simple suggest with the problem of the license.

Why not have two folders? :

        LDP : all documents here follow the requirement of the LDP and free
        not verifed: here can everyone upload various docs, with the license
they want, and with the format they want. Everyone could upload a document,
with the the restriction of not overwrite an other doc.  If someone wants to
figure in the LDP folder, they mail to the coordinator . This folder will be a
very big bag of various works like courses, docs, and what is usefull to
program ,maintain or play with linux. The docs here will be non-verified, but
can be very usefull even with some bugs, or outdated.This docs will stay only
online. Every user will judge the pertinence of one piece
 of these docs at his own risk.

Best regards,


PS: excuse my poor english.


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