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Re: FTP Access for Authors

On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:

> I will set up an FTP account for you. Please understand however that
> all documents received in this archived will be tested for SGML
> validity. If they fail they will not be posted. So, please check
> your syntax before submitting.

That's fine.  Now where can I get sgml source?

I have "sgmltools.2.0.2" but I have only 786 Mega bytes of disk space
to dedicate to this endeavor.  This distribution requires TeX and
Python.  Included is a c++ version of "jade".  Some of the *.cxx files 
are so cumbersome that my computer thrashes while swapping data.  If I 
run any other process, I run out of virtual memory.  My swap partition 
is 28 Mega bytes with 16 Mega bytes of ram.

All of us do not operate on corporate or university computers where
resources are gigantic and free.

If you are really interested in encouraging authors, make the
requirments resonable and provide the necessary references.  Please no 


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