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Re: FTP Access for Authors


> PS: Since I have 24MB of ram I can easily browse the Web (or do something
> else) while converting sgml docs.  Not only that, but I'm doing it for 4
> HOWTOs and I use the m4 preprocessor to create the *.sgml docs.  There's a
> lot going on and it's all running right now as I type this online and
> support 2 text terminals to boot (both of which are in use right now).
> We should warn people that 2.0.2 is a memory hog, but with 1.0.9 one 
> could probably do fine with only 8MB of memory.  It would probably work 
> with 4MB but would swap a lot.
I've processed all the HOWTOs since I began on the following:
Pentium 75
32MB Ram
SGML-Tools version 1.0.7

The process is sometimes quite slow, but it does get the job done.

Donations on updgraded equipment are always gladly accepted though. ;)
(Obviously this said with humerous tone, but I would gladly be open to any
and all donated equipment).

Best Regards,

Linux HOWTO coordinator http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/
tjbynum@metalab.unc.edu, linux-howto@metalab.unc.edu (HOWTO's)
tjbynum@wallybox.cei.net (Home)

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