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Re: FTP Access for Authors

Vern Hoxie wrote:
>That's fine.  Now where can I get sgml source?
>I have "sgmltools.2.0.2" but I have only 786 Mega bytes of disk space
>to dedicate to this endeavor.  This distribution requires TeX and
>Python.  Included is a c++ version of "jade".  Some of the *.cxx files 
>are so cumbersome that my computer thrashes while swapping data.  If I 
>run any other process, I run out of virtual memory.  My swap partition 
>is 28 Mega bytes with 16 Mega bytes of ram.

You must be using docbook since that's what 2.0.2 is for.  If you had used
the "standard" and simple linuxdoc DTD then you would use sgml-tools 1.0.9
which I just ran as a test and observed using "top" that it only uses 2-6
MB of RAM.  I only have 200 MB of disk space devoted to Linux and have
some extra space (but it would be nice to have more).  BTW did anyone
try out 1.0.10 from Brazil? 

PS: Since I have 24MB of ram I can easily browse the Web (or do something
else) while converting sgml docs.  Not only that, but I'm doing it for 4
HOWTOs and I use the m4 preprocessor to create the *.sgml docs.  There's a
lot going on and it's all running right now as I type this online and
support 2 text terminals to boot (both of which are in use right now).
We should warn people that 2.0.2 is a memory hog, but with 1.0.9 one 
could probably do fine with only 8MB of memory.  It would probably work 
with 4MB but would swap a lot.

                        David Lawyer

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