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Linux Wireless LAN Howto


        A few weeks ago, I've made available online a new version of
the Linux Wireless LAN Howto. This covers WLAN drivers, Wireless
networking and some background info on the subject :

        Last week, I sent a message on ldp-submit@lists.linuxdoc.org,
but didn't got much feedback, so I guess it was the wrong list. I hope
this time I will reach the correct audience ;-)
        Basically, I feel that the content of my howto would make a
nice addition to the current ever expanding collection of howto (but
that's a personal opinion). Therefore, I'm willing to try to find a
way to get my documents in some form as part of the Howto
collection. However, in the current state of affair (history,
graphics, fancy formatting, web links), I won't convert it to SGML, so
probably it would be part of the special howtos...

        In conclusion, I would like to have feedback on what is
currently possible within the LDP and which is the best way for me to
package the beast before sending it to you and managing the update
        In particular, I want to hear about all the showstopers.

        Have fun...


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