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Re: SGML sourcecode

>> You can find the source for sgmltools 1.0.9 at:
>> http://www.us.sgmltools.org/download-1.0.html
>> It requires perl5 and gawk I believe.
Hugo Van der Kooij wrote:
>It also requires TeTeX for DVI, LaTeX of PostScript output at least.

I don't have room for the TeX stuff but have submitted numerous HOWTO
updates without needing them.  If you don't have TeX you can't check the
Tex output.  But it's seldom needed.  Once it failed when Tim B. ran 
sgml2tex.  Just getting an email copy of the error messages from
Tim B. was enough to fix the problem. 

It's nice to have them but not really essential.  Eventually, I'll 
upgrade my PC and get them.

                        David Lawyer

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