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HOWTO submission


I submitted my " Online Troubleshooting Resources : HOWTO" on September
27th, 1999.

I have not received any feedback concerning its merit or possible
inclusion in the LDP HOWTO database. Has any one else had this
experience? Are there problems concerning the processing of HOWTO's that
I should be aware of? Or is it just a matter of the core team being
overwhelmed with work ?

Is there a formal review process for newly submitted HOWTO's ?

I do note this from the HOWTO HOWTO :

" Submission to LDP 

Once your LDP document has been reviewed by a few people and you took
into account their comments, you can release your document to the LDP in
general. Send an e-mail to ldp-submit@lists.linuxdoc.org with your
source code. Within 24 hours you should find out if it was accepted and
posted to the main LDP site."


Howard Mann
Online Troubleshooting Resources:HOWTO

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