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Re: sgml-tools

The following is about the sgmltools for LinuxDoc DTD.  It seems that 
there is a version 1.0.11 in addition to the 1.0.10 that I previously 
mentioned.  As you will note the person who created the above two 
bug-fixed versions has bowed out.  So we need someone to maintain the 
version 1 of these tools.  I think it should replace the current Debian 
distribution sgml-tools 1.0.9.  I wrote to the Debian maintainer but get no 
response.  Since a program exists to convert Debain to RPM (Redhat, etc.) 
it would be possible for most people to get sgml-tools 1.0.11 pre-compiled.

Is anyone willing to work on this project?  A first step might just be to 
get the source to 1.0.11 (or perhaps call it 1.0.12 after fixing the 
problem I had compiling) and put it a metalab.  Eventually we may go to 
DocBook DTD but for the meantime we need to keep using this 1-series of 

                        David Lawyer

>> >On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, David Lawyer wrote:
[To: Casantos et. al.]
>> I picked up your sgmltools 1.0.11 and get error message while compiling:
>> rtf2rtf.l:56: initializer element is not constant.
>> Ditto for line 57. 
>> These lines are like:
>> FILE *out = stdout;
>> I guess the value of stdout (a pointer) is not known to the compiler.
>> Should these assignments go into main so they are assigned at runtime?
>> I did this and it compiled OK.  That is, I left only "FILE *out;" at the 
>> start of the file and put "out = stdout;" into main.  I'm not sure if 
>> this is the correct fix.
>> Your new version has fixed the "too many blank lines" problem.
>>                David Lawyer

Casantos replied:
>Interesting. It took 3 months until I got a feedback. In the meantime I   
>got bored by all that LinuxDOC x DocBook and gave up.
>I sent in August 3 a new version of the Portuguese-HOWTO that was never
>updated at metalab and soon realized that I didn't want to spend the rest
>of my life writing "if your Linux distribution is "Blah", ... , but if it
>is "Turbo-Bla-Blah", ... :-P. With more than 20 Linux distributions on the
>street, there were too much "..."s to write.
>I left all the LDP lists and LDP itself. It's dead to me.
>The answer to your question is: "I don't care".

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