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Re: HOWTO submission (and QC)

Allow me to take any blame for what's in the HOWTO-HOWTO.  I'll see
about incorporating your comments in my next rev.  Any of you QC people
are of course free to forward me any QC "hints" that you have.


Tim wrote:
> Hello,
> A few comments regarding QC and maybe folks will sleep a little better.
> All documents that are sent to ldp-submit are reviewed.  As for the
> comments regarding contact w/in 24hrs, well let's just say that I didn't
> make them, but this is *not* to say that it should not be the case.
> This information was provided in the HOWTO-HOWTO which I did not write or
> make any contributions towards, but is still very beneficial.
> Comments to authors submitting docs to ldp-submit should be contacted in
> regards to their submission. This was not the initial purpose of
> ldp-submit, but will be in the very short future.
> I am currently (and have been for a while) working on a revised QC
> Manifesto and will have it completed (if all goes well) by Wednesday the
> 20th of October.
> In short this is what I hope it will accomplish and what I and others will
> strive for:
> * A quick review of all documents (FAQs, HOWTOs, mini-HOWTOs, etc.)
>         A document should (at least at this point) make it to metalab on
>         one (1) of two (2) uploads per week.  This will fall on Wednesday
>         or Sunday right now and as things progress will become as
>         automated as possible w/out neglecting the validity of the doc
>         itself and/or any errors that occur.
> * immediate response
>         The first response will be a tracking number.  This will give a
>         date and time association with this number and will better allow us to
>         serve our customers (those being the authors or those maintaing the
>         document(s).
>         The second will be a personal response stating that the document
>         has been reviewed (whether old or new) and processed, meaning
>         that it's met the sgml requirements and complies with the
>         linuxdoc.dtd hasn't failed processing due to an invalid or
>         improper use of a tag.  This also means if you send a doc and you
>         have used the <author> or <date> tag incorrectly
>         eg.
>         *INCORRECT*
>         <author>John Smith <tt/jsmith@righhere.com/
>         <date>VERSION 0.99, 17 Sept 1999
>         *CORRECT*
>         <author>John Smith, <tt/jsmith@righthere.com/
>         <date>v0.99, 17 September 1999
>         that you may receive this document back.  This is part of the
>         automation process that everyone is wanting, so restrictions have
>         to be imposed for the sake of all.  Failure to comply will result
>         in your receipt of the doucment for corrections as I will no
>         longer be able to take the time to manually correct your documents
>         as I am constantly doing now.
> * A timely processing and upload of the document.
>         Again, this is currently an upload on either Wednesday or Sunday.
> There are many more responsibilities of QC, but these are a few that I
> feel are most important.
> As stated above, you will have a revised QC Manifesto by mid-week for your
> viewing/flaming pleasure.
> I look forward to any and all comments.
> Best Regards,
> Tim
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