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Linux System Administrators' Guide 0.6.2: new maintainer

Lars Wirzenius writes:

        I started work on the Linux System Administrators' Guide in
        December 1992 or January 1993. Gosh, I had energy then. Lately,
        it hasn't been updated very frequently, and it is in need of some
        updates and there's still stuff it should cover, but doesn't.
        I don't have the time or the energy to do anything about it,
        so I've recruited Joanna to maintain the book instead.

        I've received lots of nice feedback from readers. I hope
        Joanna will, also. Treat her gently, and feed her back,
        with comments, fixes, and new material.

Joanna Oja writes:

        I try to follow the good example Lars has set. Please send me
        fixes and patches. Thank you

The new home page for the Linux System Administrators' Guide is at


Version 0.6.2 contains the following changes from version 0.6.1 (the
previous version, and the last version Lars made):

- Removed LaTeX formattings that were left from the DocBook conversion,
- and corrected some misspellings.

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