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Registering HOWTOs, etc

Several weeks ago I received a message, appended below, about registering
HOWTOs so they could be tracked.  I assume every HOWTO author got this

I've been on the road (and off the LDP-DISCUSS list)
for a few weeks but I didn't see any discussion of the issue in the
It seems to me to be needed (the current version of my HOWTO on www.linuxdoc.org
is old),
but I don't know what the new plans are.
A lot seems to happen behind the scenes.

Another question: Just what is ldp-private?


Hello HOWTO maintainer (This is NOT UCE):

As a service to the OpenSource Community, from which we benefit greatly, we
would like to set up an OpenSource
Document Tracking System. This would require that every document be
"registered" and assigned a unique ID number that would be
included in the document. Every change to the document would be quickly
re-registered and given a new number. The idea for
this system arose from a frustration that several important HOWTOS and
mini-HOWTOS are actually NOT up to date on metalab, but
are at other locations on the net. One could go to an ID  search engine and
enter the ID of the document in questions, and be
told if it has been  obsoleted, and where to go for the most up to date
document. The purpose of this quick email is to ask
you, the maintainer, if you would take the couple seconds to actually
register your documents, and if you would be inclined to
include the ID number in your docs. This is an  informal "Request For
Comments" of sorts to guage the interest levels, and to
see wherether there is sufficient interest for us to allocate the resources
to see this idea through. This system could as
well be used for any documentation throughout the community. If a similar
system already exists, please point us to that too!

Thanks for your time!

Deij Innovations

Christian Lecompte

Martin Volesky

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