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Re: Registering HOWTOs, etc

On Wed, Oct 20, 1999 at 02:01:57PM -0700, Tom Fawcett wrote:
> Several weeks ago I received a message, appended below, about registering
> HOWTOs so they could be tracked.  I assume every HOWTO author got this
> message.

Attention, looks like someone is willing to bypass the LDP.

> I've been on the road (and off the LDP-DISCUSS list)
> for a few weeks but I didn't see any discussion of the issue in the
> archives.

He is obviously usurpating our identity.

> Another question: Just what is ldp-private?

The former list.

> As a service to the OpenSource Community, from which we benefit greatly, we

[we aren't part of any 'opensource community']

> re-registered and given a new number. The idea for
> this system arose from a frustration that several important HOWTOS and
> mini-HOWTOS are actually NOT up to date on metalab, but

[are you joking??? ldp-submit is now working like a charm]

> you, the maintainer, if you would take the couple seconds to actually
> register your documents, and if you would be inclined to

[it's kinda spam]

> Deij Innovations
> http://www.deij.com

[.com ? Interesing... BTW I've never heard of Deij. Maybe some VC
willing to make big bucks with anything that has "linux" on it]

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