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Re: Banner ads


This has already been gone over and the banner will be removed once the
agreement has ended. After which point there will be no banners at the top
of the page, or probably any where else for that matter. Any banners that
would be placed would be for other open source projects, similar to the
way linux.com does it and THAT is only if it is approved.

The banner will be removed on DEC-15,1999.

By the way, you are probably right, they don't deserve the amount of
exposure that they are getting, but because of their sponsorship we
actually have received some GOOD entries to the logo contest. Previous to
that we didn't get squat.

In regards to the design, it is temporary and will be chaning drastically
once the new logo is decided upon.

Poet/Joshua Drake
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On 22 Oct 1999, Jim Pick wrote:

> Hi,
> I was teaching a class on Linux today, and I pulled up the
> www.linuxdoc.org website in order to show them where to find
> documentation.
> Much to my horror, I saw a banner ad at the top of the page for a
> company called "3D Technology".
> I couldn't believe it.  It looked like the Linux Documentation Project
> had been turned into some cheesy commercial website.  I was incensed.
> Now, I've taken a second look at it, and I can see that the ad is
> there because 3D Technology has sponsored a prize for the logo
> contest.  So I now can see that the project hasn't been hijacked.
> However, I do believe that the webmaster (Poet?) has shown some
> incredibly poor judgement in designing the page.  It looks cheap and
> it looks like the space at the top of the page is "for sale".
> Remember, this is the primary repository for documentation for the
> Linux Operating System.  Linux is now officially a multi-billion
> dollar industry (with the Red Hat IPO, and more to come).  If this
> were a commercial website (which it isn't) - the ad space at the top
> of the page would be worth many thousands of dollars a month.
> I don't believe that "3D Technology" sponsoring a prize is worth the
> amount of exposure that they are getting.  A small thank you in the
> news items on the home page, and perhaps a larger mention on the
> contest pages should be more than sufficient.
> My larger concern is that the banner ad just makes the project looks
> amateurish.  There's been a lot of work sunk into writing
> documentation for the project over the years - all that documentation
> deserves a nice looking home.
> Please remove the ad.
> Cheers,
>  - Jim

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